Back in April, Dove created an online sensation with this short film created by Ogilvy & Mather, as part of their ongoing ‘Campaign for Real Beauty’. Based on insights that suggested only 4% of women see themselves as 'beautiful', Dove tackles the issue of women’s low self-perception head on – and the result is incredibly moving.

With its heart-warming and uplifting message of 'you are more beautiful than you think you are', the video unsurprisingly evoked a huge emotional reaction worldwide. Going viral within days, both the full-length and shortened versions have been viewed 3m and 60m times respectively (as of December 2013).

The whole concept has been beautifully executed, and has of course positioned the brand at the forefront of consumers’ minds (in a very favourable light). It’s a refreshing wake-up call from the many large cosmetic brands telling women to buy their products to make them beautiful: Dove’s approach is to help women appreciate the beauty they already have. And I think this video shows that this approach really works.