Already it's got more than 7 million views on YouTube. But in actual fact, this is so much more than just a viral video.

The Virgin America Safety Dance is taking one essential aspect of customers' in-flight experience (a mind-numbing necessity on most flights) and completely turning it on its head. It's a piece of content that is incredibly entertaining, as well as, of course, being informative.

Most importantly though, creating a piece of content like this is a great demonstration of the Virgin brand. The video shows that Virgin is fun, different, personable, and not afraid to break the mould. It increases awareness. It gets people talking. And by offering them the chance to star in the next rendition of the safety video (see, it allows them to be a part of the Virgin experience even further. The buzz created from such content is ongoing. And if all goes to plan, the positive repercussions are likely to be long-lasting.