Consumers are increasingly looking to brands to provide a little magic and excitement in their lives. Well, this Christmas, Canadian airline WestJet have done just that – thanks to some very clever technology, and very hard-working Santa Claus (and an even more hard-working team of WestJet staff).

The video was only published on 8th Dec, but already it has clocked up 27m+ views on YouTube, with an overwhelming reception on social media. They have also created several other clips alongside the 'Christmas Miracle' video, such as blooper reel featuring all the extravagant Christmas wishes and out-takes that didn’t make it into the final cut.

WestJet already has an impressive YouTube presence of 240 videos, which range from holiday destination guides to April Fool's pranks, demonstrating just how well this brand is embracing content in the digital age. With many budget airlines constantly receiving negative PR for their poor customer service and lack of transparency, it’s a refreshing change for an airline brand to be so well received by the public. An effort that most certainly should be commended.