The Pepsi Max Test Drive features a disguised Jeff Gordon (a NASCAR driver) who pranks an unsuspecting car salesman by (quite literally) taking a Camaro for a spin. Over 39m views since March 2013.

It’s rather interesting to note how Pepsi’s branded content is very different from Coca-Cola’s. The high focus on energy and entertain here is quite far from the ideals of spreading joy and happiness that Coca-Cola hold so strongly. But of course, both are very effective in their own way.

‘Prankvertising’ is fast becoming a rising trend for brands (as you can see from a fair number of prank related entries in our selection). More than ever in this 'new age' of marketing and advertising consumers look for content to primarily entertain them – and it is this entertainment factor that gives brand videos the highest chance of virility (and brands a whoosh of positive PR).

Pepsi’s video has done just that, whilst tying in nicely with the product offering (‘a zero calorie cola in disguise’) without pushing the product explicitly.